How to create and launch yours leather goods ?
Here’s how to launch a product that doesn’t yet exist.

Amaris Leather Marrakech supports you in the development of your leather goods goods. It responds to a more advanced brand development phase in terms of production needs.

Step 1 : Bag creation

After validation of the specifications, comes the design stage (technical drawings at 1:1 scale).
From this stage, you can call on our leather goods creation services.

To make a prototype, you must have specifications and drawings with the dimensions. The price varies according to the model, the complexity of the assemblies, the finishes etc.

For the prototyping of a model of medium-sized handbag, it is necessary to count 230 € HT, the more details or complexity are added the more the price increases. For this price you will have the material sourcing, the prototype.

In large production facilities, a prototype can be made for €130 excluding VAT, but with all the constraints that this implies (minimum orders, less development time or even less service).

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Step 2 : Development

It includes the sourcing of raw materials and accessories as well as the manufacture of tools. This step is necessary to prepare for mass production of a bag or small leather goods and to optimize production costs.


Step 3 : Prototyping

The prototyping phase should not be a matter of subjective interpretation by the craftsman but should respond to the brand’s vision and marketing positioning.

The prototyping workshop or design office must provide this expertise. Otherwise the project leader is accompanied to the height of the knowledge of his interlocutor, which can be limiting.

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